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Our Mission
PMR is committed to assisting police departments, public safety agencies and their private sector partners pursue excellence through innovation and continuous improvement. Through strategic partnerships with these agencies, PMR can provide management and technical assistance in a number of policy areas. PMR will work with leaders and administrators to provide innovative solutions to public safety and homeland security issues.

Homeland Security Strategies

The professionals at PMR can help public safety organizations with the design of homeland security strategies.  We can help craft concept of operations, emergency response plans, risk assessments and investment justifications to fund those strategies.  


Our familiarity with the core competencies outlined in the National Response Framework and the Target Capabilities List.  We can work with agencies to develop reasonable homeland security goals and objectives that will enhance community preparedness and response.



Strategic Planning

PMR can assist your department in articulating a vision for your agency.  Our experts can work to build long-term strategies to implement community, intelligence-led or evidence-based policing models.  We can highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and develop solutions to address strategic needs.  A key component of these strategies should be sustainability over a period of years, including funding solutions.
Grant Writing Assistance

Our staff has substantial experience developing grant proposals in the areas of homeland security, community  and intelligence-led policing. We can assist your organization with the development of grants to meet your short and long-term goals.  We can review your draft proposals or applications. In addition, PMR can help you implement and monitor your grant programs.

Please contact us if you have questions.

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