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Grant Writing Technical Assistance
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Using Our Grant Writers Can:
  • Increase Your Success Rate for Funding
  • Free You and Your Officers from Labor-Intensive Grant Writing
  • Bring Immediate Grantsmanship Expertise to Your Agency
  • Be Seen as a Cost-Effective Alternative to In-House Writing

Typical Grant Costs

Costs:  PMR grants typically cost between $750 and $1500 to develop, depending on the level of complexity and availability of information.  Please contact us for a free estimate.

For grant writing and proposal development assistance, E-Mail us at:

Grant Writing Experience

Criminal Justice agencies face substantial financial challenges today.  The receipt of federal, state and foundation grant funds can assist organizations in their efforts to initiate innovative programs like community policing, intelligence-led and evidence-based policing.  Unfortunately, many public safety agencies lack the in-house expertise to write grant proposals.


   Our consultants can work directly with individual clients to draft grant proposals targeted to meet their resource needs. At a time when government agencies are being asked to do more with less, grant funding is a necessity for criminal justice agencies.