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The Mechanics of Developing Successful Grant Proposals

Seminar Overview

This seminar will explain to public safety professionals and municipal officials the basic context of grant and proposal writing. Many police and homeland security agencies find the process of applying for grants daunting. Grant writing and grants management is a challenge to overworked managers and administrators, but it is a crucial skill set in a time of extraordinary financial challenges. This seminar will demystify the process of program development and grantsmanship.

Using an interactive teaching style, the instructor will progress through the different segments of grants, allowing participants to develop a grant application as they do so. This is an opportunity for public safety personnel and municipal officials to apply the skills they learn in a non-stressful atmosphere without the pressure of grant deadlines.

Educational Goals:

  • To demystify the grant writing process to enable more public safety and homeland security agencies to take advantage of these opportunities to fund innovative projects.

  • To learn the mechanics of grant writing in a non-stressful environment.


A.  Organizational Capability
B.  Statement of the Problem
C.  Goals and Objectives
D.  Program Narrative
E.  Budget and Budget Narrative
G.  Funding Sources

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