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About Us

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide high quality consulting services to public safety organizations and their private sector partners.  There are enormous challenges facing New England public safety agencies in the areas of homeland security, community policing and organizational change. We believe PMR can assist small and medium size organizations as they address these challenges and do so in a cost effective manner.

Who We Are

PMR is a group of public safety professionals with significant management and leadership experience in the government.  These individuals combine practical, professional experience with theory and researched-supported methods to solve public safety problems. 

Principal:    David E. Lambert, Ph.D.

Dr. David E. Lambert has been in policing for 25 years at several levels.  Among his major responsibilities were police planning, policy development, intelligence-led policing, homeland security and the implementation of community policing.  Dr. Lambert is a graduate of the Northwestern University Traffic Institute’s Police Administration and Training Program (PATP). 

He holds a doctorate in Law, Policy and Society from Northeastern University and a master’s degree in Criminology from the Florida State University.  His current research interests include police management, strategic planning, intelligence-led policing, terrorism and homeland security issues. Dr. Lambert is also an instructor of Criminal Justice at Westfield State College.  

Our Company

We started this consulting business to address some of the inequities that we observed in the public safety field.  Many agencies are unable to develop organizational goals, objectives, strategies and methods to resolve new public safety challenges.  Small and midsize agencies are often at a disadvantage when developing strategies, developing programs and applying for federal and state funding due to their limited staff capacity.  Large agencies have grant writers, planners and project managers on-staff whereas smaller organizations often lack these resources.  PMR can help fill this void.

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